About Us

🍃🍃 Welcome to Golden Whistler Wood Shop!

Our family of five are based in the beautiful Perth Hills of Western Australia.  

We opened Golden Whistler Wood Shop on Etsy in 2015 as a passion project. After working in the building industry for 20 years, it was time to try something new.. I started out by making wooden sculptures, burl bowls and cheeseboards and then came the live edge shelves .. and the rest was history!

4 years, 149 reviews and over 2000 shelves later, it was time to spread our wings and open up our own independent website. 

I am passionate about beautiful timber and enjoy revealing its hidden treasure as I work. My specialty is creating rustic floating shelves and mantels from a variety of Australian timber and reclaimed wood.

My partner Evy who is a graphic designer by trade, takes care of the customer support, design work and photos. When you contact us, it will be either of us at your service.

Our work has connected us with people from all over the world, who love natural timber in their home.

We are forever grateful for the customers who continue to support us and are always stoked to receive pics of your newly installed shelves!  Keep them coming :)

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Hit the contact button with any questions or custom quote requests, happy to help!

- Ivan & Evy