Live edge Floating Shelves Marri Perth Australia


Live edge Floating Shelves Marri Perth Australia

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CHRISTMAS DEADLINE: Orders placed before Midnight WST 6th OCT will be shipped by 8th December Orders placed after 6th Oct, will be shipped AFTER Jan 10th '24  as we are on break starting mid-December :) There's no better time to...Read more

CHRISTMAS DEADLINE: Orders placed before Midnight WST 6th OCT will be shipped by 8th December

Orders placed after 6th Oct, will be shipped AFTER Jan 10th '24  as we are on break starting mid-December :)

There's no better time to get your order in, so you can look forward to having beautiful timber shelves in your home for the New Year 2024! 🌟 🙌



with one of the most captivating statement piece shelves we have on offer!

Presenting our beautiful, live edge floating shelf. Lovingly handcrafted out of West Australian Marri timber.

This natural edge Marri shelf will transform your space and invite a splash of beauty and character to your home.  The light golden, cinnamon and mocha tones will be warm up your home and bring nature indoors.


Please look through ALL the photos on this listing, as we have included photos of previous customers shelves so you can see the range of variations.  Each timber slab is different, as no tree is the same! :)

Each shelf is made to order, so please note that there will be variations in edge, gum veins and in colouring.

Depending on our timber suppliers, we may or may not be able to get the exact style of edge that you like.  We try our best, but we can't make guarantees due to the nature of what is available to us from the mill at a particular time.

Also please note that some areas with natural indentations in the wood will be filled with Ivan's homemade wood filler, which comprises of the natural sawdust from the species of timber of your shelf and wood glue.  In some cases, we also use clear epoxy but this is kept to a minimum, as our woodworking style is more natural and solid and we prefer to limit the use of toxic resins with don't break down into the earth.

If you have any specific preferences, please email Evy at ibdenys@yahoo.com.au prior to placing an order so that we can let you know if we can realistically fulfill your request.

For smaller shelves If you are installing onto plasterboard, please make sure that you will have 2 timber studs for the shelf to drill into.

All our shelves include high quality wall rods with drill holes in the back of the shelf.

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Take a sneak a peak behind the scenes of Ivan making our 'Live edge' shelves 


Then Click on the LIVE EDGE Highlights


Select the length you need or just email us for a quote on the specific length your require.
Depth: 20 - 25 cm

 (or 8" - 10")
Thickness: 3.5 cm - 4cm   (or 1 1/2 ")

Please see US Conversions below (approx)

50cm =  19 1/2"   60cm = 23 1/2"  70cm = 27 1/2"   80cm = 31  1/2


50cm Marri Live edge shelf will hold: 12kg


 Marri Live edge shelf will hold: 16kg


 Marri Live edge shelf will hold 21kg


 Marri Live edge shelf will hold 18kg


Sealed in a High quality, German made, Satin water based wood sealer for a natural look.  Also suitable for wet areas such as Bathroom and Laundry.  Our finish is second to none and so smooth to the touch!


Can be installed onto Masonary/Bricks and Plasterboard/Drywall (into the timber studs.)

Ready to Mount - Includes high quality wall rods with installation instructions for a nice strong hold.  We can drill to match your stud spacings. 

*Please check that your wall studs are timber, hardware will not drill into Metal wall studs.

We can drill to match your stud spacings.  You will need a stud finder to locate the studs. Please email us with your stud spacings and we'll make a note of it when your order comes through.

If you have any further queries, please email Evy or Ivan at  ibdenys@yahoo.com.au for extra info.


If you live in Perth metro area Please use Code: 'FREEPERTH' to obtain Free Shipping on any order.


Flat rate $39 to Ship (Packaged with care and Fully Insured)


10 weeks

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For any custom order enquires, please email Evy at:  ibdenys@yahoo.com.au 

Happy to hear from you and yes, we ship to all states in the USA

(Packaged with care and Fully Insured with courier. Shipping takes approx 10-14 business days from Perth, Western Australia to USA) 

*US Customers Please Note: Price DOES NOT include Duties and Import Taxes.

You may need to pay duties and import taxes on receipt of your item.  Please check how much it may be in your State before placing your order so you know what to expect.


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